Professional Dweb- and Dapp Development.
Smart Contract and NFT Consultancy.
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Museum of Crypto Art Ecosystem

DevOps and tech strategy to transition MOCA into the worlds first digital, community-governed art museum. Primary partners to the foundation to continously build the web3 ecosystem on Polygon/Ethereum with gasless UX and novel layer-2 based mechanics.
(May 2021)

Artvatars Ecosystem

Technical implementation of Artvatars. Sophisticated Layer-2 UX powered by Polygon and Biconomy. Project created in collaboration with over 60 of the world's best CryptoArtists.
(April 2021)

Swyysh - NBA Topshots Collections

Swyysh allows users to import their NBA Topshots (Flow) NFTs and compete with others according to real world NBA results. Permissioned leagues via Web3/Ethereum ($whale).
(January 2021)

The Fluctuo Art Gallery

A tokenized art gallery that has been deployed to the Somnium Space VR world.
(November 2020)

Unipool - The Guardians of Uniswap

Smart contract development plus simple web3 frontend. The tech stack resolves around an external Chainlink adapter which calculates UNP rewards (erc20) according to official Uniswap Subgraph data and allocates them into the contract to be claimed by LPs.
(September 2020)

Gallerist by Collectorshub

This web3-powered dapp helps collectors to organize and showcase art in a single place thats been collected across different NFT art platforms.
(July 2020)

The smart contract powered Decentraland title is build for Ethereum. The fast-pace gameplay of Trial of Artemis (ToA) is powered by Matic Network.
(2018 - 2020)

The Ross Ulbricht Experience

An interactive Decentraland experience for Digitible Inc featuring a skyscraper with NFT based floor level access powered by web3.
(December 2019)

Chainbreakers Museum

This Decentraland project utilizes official Chainbreakers assets and comes along with object interactivity and a web3 guest book.
(September 2019)

Etheremon VR

This group effort was presented by Esteban Ordano during the NIFTY conference in Hong Kong. Qwellcode did SDK related development.
(July 2018)

Gear 'em Down

Pre-SDK prototype for Decentraland in which a UNITY backend runs the game logic. Clients interact with the game server via WebGL sessions.
(March 2018)

VR & Web Development

Learn about Qwellcodes efforts on the other side of the rabbit hole. Our team has been developing tailored software and products for many years.
(Since 2013)

About us

Qwellcode had been founded in 2013 before it started to pioneer the NFT space in early 2018. Our team is located in Germany and builds web3 dapps for Ethereum. We're passionate about distributed systems, especially blockchain ledgers and ipfs.

Our team has been attending various conferences, hackathons and other events over the past years. We maintain a good relationship with many teams and are well connected in the Ethereum ecosystem.

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